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Cleaning Chemicals - Product Range

Our cleaning chemicals range are products high quality carefully research ingredients gathered through years of market experience.

1. Dura Fresh Deodorizer

2. Dura Lime Cleaner/Disinfectant/Deodorizer

3. Dura Shield Toilet bowl cleaner

4. Dura Active Enzyme odor digester

5. Dura Delimer Heavy duty scale & rust remover

6. Dura Strip Floor stripper

7. Dura Seal Floor sealer

8. Dura Gloss Floor polish / Japanese wax

9. Dura Shine Spray buff

10. Dura Lemon Neutral pH general purpose cleaner

11. Dura Easy Multi purpose degreaser

12. Dura View Grass cleaner

13. Dura Handy Hand soap

14. Dura Mover Rust Remover

For non standard pack sizes or enquiries relating to a specific product or application please contact us here

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